ClearURLs Extension for Chrome/Brave/Firefox Browsers


ClearURLs is an extension for your Firefox, Chrome or Brave browser that will remove the tracking fields form all URLs that you visit in your browser.

What it does

This add-on will remove the tracking fields form all URLs which are visited by the browser. It uses an external rule file which is regularly updated by the team and can be found here.

The reason

Large (and small) webpages use elements in the URL, e.g.: to track your online activities. In this example, the source field tells the provider which page you visited before. ClearURLs will remove these tracking fields from the URL, so you can think of it as an “URL clean maid”

A recommended extension

ClearURLs is now a recommended extension in the ghacks-user.js project and we are proud of it. ClearURLs is also on the Awesome Humane Tech List.

You can visit the developers GitHub page for support or if you have any bugs to report.

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