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How to Export your Chrome Passwords

With the huge popularity of Google's Chrome browser there will be lots of users on this site who have a lot of passwords saved for all their favourite sites.

If for any reason you want to export all those passwords you can easily do it using the following steps.

  • Open
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ChromeOS/ChromeBook Keyboard Shortcuts

I have always been a Macbook Pro user and was hugely disappointed when they released their latest versions; they could have done so much more to improve on the previous version. Anyway, to cut the story short I didn't upgrade and bought a Chromebook.

As I do a lot within

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Twitter Unfollow for Chrome

Twitter Unfollow is an easy to use mass unfollow extension for Chrome.

If you are one of those people who have been on Twitter for a while and have followed a large number of users and most of them are no longer of interest to you: they could no longer

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