Add Tasks to Todoist for iOS 11 with Siri

In iOS 11 you can now add tasks to the fantastic Todoist app. All you need to do is activate Siri and tell her/him/it the task and a due date and it will be added directly to the app. Only works with iOS 11+.

Also if you want

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How to Customise Control Centre iOS 11

The new Control Centre in iOS 11 is a decent improvement on the old one. It is also easy to edit so you can add or remove different features which allow you quick and easy access to things you may need on a regular basis.

To edit your Control Centre

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Weather Indicator for macOS

Weather Indicator is a neat little menu bar application for macOS. It is only compatible with macOS 10.12+

It is nothing ground breaking but I just thought some macOS users may find useful.

Once installed it sits in your menu bar with an indicator of the current temperature and

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