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How to Switch from HEIF to JPEG in iOS 11

By default the camera in iOS 11 takes photos in a format known as High Efficiency Image File (HEIF). If you like to edit your photos on your computer then you may have an application that is not yet able to edit this kind of format. SO if you would

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How to use Echo effect in Messages on iOS 11

In iOS 11 there is a feature in the Messages app that allows you to send an echo effect message to any of your contacts. When you send this message it floods their screen with your message - just for few seconds.

It is possible that some people will be

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Do Not Disturb While Driving Setup iOS11

in iOS 11 there is a feature for setting up Do Not Disturb whilst you are driving. When this feature is enabled it will stop calls and notifications coming through unless you have the Allow Calls From or Allow Repeated Calls setup.

Some may find this a handy feature so

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