Infinity New Tab is a NTP extension for Chrome.

After installing the extension and launching a new tab you will have a page that contains:

  • Search Bar
  • Local Weather
  • ToDo List
  • Installed Apps and Extensions
  • Notes
  • History
  • Chrome App Store
  • Amazon
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Settings

You can tweak the NTP so it shows what you want. You can change the grid size with the maximum being 3 rows by 6 columns giving a total of 18 items on the NTP. The extension adds a little icon to your address bar when you are browsing which is an indication that you can add the page to your NTP. So if you go to Twitter the icon will appear in the address bar, select the icon and select add and your Twitter page will now be available as a shortcut.

It has plenty of features packed in to the extension that make it very useful and brings a bit more life to the rather dull default NTP.

Features Include:

  • Flat design icons
  • HD Wallpapers
  • Cloud Sync - Back up real-time data to the Cloud, and allow Onekey Recovery from the Cloud
  • Intelligent Mail Notification - Gmail Mail Reminder.
  • Todos - Check the things to be done and the things that have been done
  • Personalised Search - Choose your favourite search engine
  • App Extension Management - Manage your extensions quickly and conveniently.
  • History Management - View your search history.
  • Notepad - Record and save notes

This is definitely an NTP extension worth taking a look at.

Download from the Chrome App Store