gInk On-Screen Annotation for Windows

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gInk is an on-screen annotation software under Windows, used to help improving my presentations and demonstrations, and to help working on temperary thoughts which need to be noted beside something on the screen. The features are greatly inspired by another screen annotation software Epic Pen, but even more easy to use.

gInk is made with the idea kept in mind that the interface should be as simple as possible and should not distract attention of both the presenter and the audience when used for presentations. Unlike in many other softwares in the same category, you select from pens to draw things instead of changing individual settings of color, transparency and tip width everytime. Each pen is a combination of these attributes and is configurable to your need.



How to use

Start gInk and an icon will appear in the system tray. Click the icon (or use a hotkey) to start drawing on screen.
Click the exit button or press ESC to exit drawing.

How to contribute translation

gInk supports multiple languages now. Here is how you can contribute translation. Simply create a duplication of the file "en-us.txt" in "bin/lang" folder, rename it and then translate the strings in the file. Check in gInk to make sure your translation shows correctly, and then you can make a pull request to merge your translation to the next version of release for others to use.


Compact and intuitive interface.
Inks rendered on dynamic desktops.
Stylus w/ eraser, touch screen and mouse compatible.
Click-through mode.
Multiple displays support.
Pen pressure support.
Snapshot support.
Hotkey support.

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