How to Install LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi

The guide below will show you - in minutes - how to install LibreELEC with Kodi on your Raspberry Pi. This allows you to have a great little home media center that runs Kodi so you can stream any content you have on your home network direct to your TV through a very cheap and reliable device.

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  • Desktop/Laptop running: Windows, macOS or Linux
  • RPi (0/1/2/3)
  • Power Source for Pi
  • MicroSD Card (8GB+) and a microSD Card Adaptor if your computer doesn't have a microSD slot
  • HDMI Cable
  • USB/wireless Keyboard or remote control with wireless dongle (you can get these dirt cheap on eBay or Amazon.)
  • Monitor
  • Casing to keep RPi safe

  • Setup your RPi (case, wireless dongle for the keyboard - don't put the power cord in yet)
  • Place your microSD Card in your computer
  • Go to the LibreELEC Downloads page and download the "LibreELEC USB-SD Creator" that is applicable to your OS. This is currently available for: Windows; macOS; Linux.

  • Install it to your computer
  • Now open the installed LibreELEC USB-SD Creator
  • In the main screen select:
    • The version of the Pi you are using
    • The latest img.gz file

  • Select Download

  • Select the location you want the file to download to

  • The file will now start to download. Wait for the download to finish

  • Select the microSD Card you want to use

  • Select Write

  • Select Yes

  • Wait for the file to be written

  • Select Close when writing has completed

  • Safely eject your microSD Card
  • Place the microSD Card in the microSD slot in the RPi
  • Plug the RPi in
  • That is it. LibreELEC will now boot straight into Kodi. Follow the setup wizard and you will be good to go

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