TopNotch for MacOS

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TopNotch for macOS is a program that runs in your menubar. Primarily it is used to remove the top notch on the new style Macbooks, but can easily be used with your older macs as long as they are running macOS 11+.

Once enabled it will turn your menubar black which hides the top notch but also, in my opinion, makes the menubar look better, especially users of light mode.



  • Works in background
  • Multiple displays and spaces support
  • macOS Dynamic Wallpapers support
  • Round wallpaper corners



TopNotch also has a round corners option. Once enabled your desktop wallpaper will have rounded corners which add a pleasing cosmetic touch to your desktop


If you want to give it a try you can download it directly using this link from their website here. Or you can visit their website and download it from there