Best Kodi Add-Ons September 2021

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Below is a list of what I see as popular add-ons on a monthly basis. This list will change regularly and is not meant to be taken seriously. It is mainly for new users to find a nice add-on to install and try.

Do you think there is anything I should add? Then feel free to add a comment in the Disqus section below or message me on Twitter

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  • Maverick TV - A great all-in-one add-on including TV, movies, comedy WWE/UFC replays, concerts, webcams & jukebox
  • Hal 9000 - A great add-on from the Phoenix repository. Offers movies, tv, documentaries, comedy, music from YouTube, petrol heads, sports
  • Q Continuum - A great all-in-one add-on that offers 4K, non-debrid section, soaps, documentaries, kids, sports, stand up, music
  • Rising Tides - One of the best sports add-ons giving access to all your sporting needs
  • The Loop- A great sports add-on that allows access to all your sporting needs
  • Unchained Horror - Requires Real Debrid. If you like horror then this is a must as it has a wide range of categories including: cult classics, 4K, 70s-00s horror, boxsets, paranormal TV & more
  • The Crew - One of the best all-in-one add-ons with access to everything you need from an add-on
  • ReleaseBB - Requires a Real Debrid account to access movies/TV
  • Morpheus - Real Debrid recommended but does have a non-debrid section. All-in-one with movies, anime, documentaries, stand up, tv shows
  • The Boys - Movies, tv shows, also has a section with various categories
  • Apex Sports - sport & tv
  • Asgard - Excellent AIO add-on with 4K, debrid/non-debrid, soaps, documentaries, kids, stand ip, music, anime
  • Rogue One - once-click add-on for movies, tv, documentaries, sports replays, WWE
  • Free - This is an all-in-one add-on with access to movies, documentaries, soap catch up, tv, free to air, adult comedy, WWE/UFC replays, concerts
  • Cumination - Great add-on for anyone who likes their porn
  • Chains - Real debrid required. All-in-one with everything you could need

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