Radiant Player for Google Music on macOS


Radiant Player is a stand alone player for your Google Music collection.

As with all stand alone players for Google Music it requires flash to be installed on your Mac for music to play.

If, like myself, you like to use a native player as opposed to the web application then this may be something worth considering.

Features include:

  • 4 Themes: Cocoa, Spotify Black (bit too dark IMO), Dark, Dark Flat (my favourite)
  • Last FM Integration
  • Mini Player in MenuBar
  • OS X Media Key Integration
  • Now Playing iTunes style notification

You have full access to your settings allowing you to deauthorise devices, manage your account etc.

In preferences you can choose:

  • Show/hide notification when song changes
  • Include album art in notification
  • Show/hide mini player
  • Enable swipe gestures
  • Show/hide Google Play Logo
  • Show/hide Apps, Notification, Share links
  • Scrobble tracks to Last.fm
  • Love tracks in Last.FM
  • Show/hide Last.fm button

Overall a very nice looking alternative to the web application.

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