Install BBC iPlayer Kodi Jarvis & Krypton

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This add-on alllows you to catchup on your favourite BBC programmes, listen to their radio stations and watch live tv. It requires a UK IP to work.

Install iPlayer Kodi Jarvis:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select VIDEOS > Add-Ons
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select Get more...
  • Select iPlayer WWW
  • Select Install
  • Wait for Add-On Enabled notification

The BBC iPlayer add-on is now installed and ready to use. As usual the add-on can be accessed via VIDEOS > Add-Ons > iPlayer WWW from your home screen

Install iPlayer Kodi Krypton:

  • Open Kodi
  • Select Add-ons

  • Select Add-on browser

  • Select Install from repository

  • Select Kodi Add-on repository

  • Select Video add-ons

  • Select iPlayer WWW

  • Select Install

  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification