How to Install Vola Sports APK Fire Stick Android

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November 7th - Vola appears to have gone so I am suggesting UK Turks new Android app as a replacement. This app does have adverts every time you change channels but if you are using it to watch sports you will be on one channel for a while so shouldn't be too annoying. Just click on the Sports TV section once installed and you'll find links to various channels showing the matches like Bein, BeeTee etc. You could also look at using some FileLinked codes to find other APKs. You can find a list of good FileLinked codes here

I am going to do a proper guide but for now it is just a quick text guide.

Install Downloader on your Firestick/Android Box. You can find it by clicking on the search icon on your stick or in the Play Store on your Android Box.

Open Downloader and enter the following in the URL bar and hit Go

This will open the in app browser. Just wait around 20 seconds or so and the app will start downloading. Once it has downloaded click on install and the you can start using the app.