Installing Fusion makes it a whole lot easier to add new add-ons to Kodi / XBMC. Use the following guide to install it.

  • Open Kodi / XBMC
  • Navigate to SYSTEM > File Manager

  • Select Add Source

  • Click on <NONE>

  • Type
  • Select Done

  • Click on box under Enter a name for this media source

  • Type anything you want for the name but *fusion is good as this will put it at the top in the next window
  • Select Done

  • Select OK in next window

  • *fusion should now appear in the left side window that opens. If not you have gone wrong somewhere and will need to start the process again

That is all you need. Fusion is now installed. Now you can access the repos in Fusion by doing the following, starting at your home screen

  • Select SYSTEM > Settings

  • Select Add-Ons

  • Select Install from Zip File

  • Select *fusion

  • Select XBMC Repos or Kodi Repos & press Enter

  • You can now choose the repo's you wish to install. Select a repo, choose ok and repeat until you have the repos installed that you want.

  • When you have chosen the ones you want select OK and then in next screen select Get Add-Ons

  • All the repos you chose will now appear in the next window. Click on them and select install. You can now find all the add-ons you install in your video add-ons section.

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