How to Create Downloader ShortCodes


Below is a guide for creating your own Downloader shortCodes. They are very simple to create and very useful.

With a Downloader ShortCode you no longer need to type large URLs for Android APKs, Kodi zip files etc. These shortcodes will allow you to quickly enter a few digits to be able to download anything you want.

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How to Create Downloader ShortCodes

  • So the first thing you are going to need to do is get the URL that you need to shorten. Once you find the URL of the zip/APK/Whatever you want to install/download just right click and copy
  • Now go to the AFTV News website (a very handy resource for Fire device users) using this link
  • Click in the Enter URL to Shorten... section at the bottom of the page


  • Paste the URL and then click on I am Not a Robot, then do the robot captcha


  • Select Shorten


  • You now have your ShortCode and can add it to Downloader to install your APK.


  • If you are using this method to create a shortcode for a Kodi zip file the the method to install it is: Install from zip file > External Storage > Downloader or Install from zip file > External Storage > Download > Downloader You will find your zip file here
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