How to Create a Smart Playlist in Kodi

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I am sure lots of you already know how to do this but I thought I would do a guide for creating smart playlists on your Kodi device. Smart playlists are great because they automatically update depending on the rules that you create in the setup.

For this example I am going to show how to create a smart playlist for new TV episodes. I created a new TV episodes smart list because I like to just put it on and watch new episodes of all the shows that have been on any given week.

You can create smart playlists for music and movies too. Just have a play around with the rules and I am sure you will start to make lots of smart playlists for your Kodi device.

  • Open Kodi
  • Select VIDEOS
  • Select Playlists
  • Select New Smart Playlist
  • In Type select the genre that is suitable for the playlist you want to create. I am creating a playlist for new episodes so I will select Episodes
  • Choose name for playlist. This Weeks TV Episodes is what I use
  • Select NEW RULE
  • Now you need to choose a rule type. This can take a bit of trial and error. I want this weeks aired tv shows so I need to select something suitable
  • I will select First Aired
  • Then select In the Last
  • I will now type 7 Days and select OK. The playlist is now finished.

Your new video playlist will be available via the home screen in VIDEOS > Playlists

Selecting the playlist will bring up all the episodes that are applicable to any rules you set.

Using my playlist all new episodes of TV shows that are in my Kodi library that have been aired in the last 7 days will now appear in the smart playlist and I can play them all without having to change add-ons, look for the latest episodes etc. They are always there just waiting for me to launch the playlist.

To start the playlist you can just highlight it, bring up the context menu and select play.

This is a very basic smart playlist but it should give some of you ideas to make yourself some fantastic playlists.