How to Add Android App Shortcuts to Kodi Homescreen

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This guide is only applicable to people who have Kodi/XBMC on any type of Android device. With this quick an easy guide you can add shortcuts to Android apps the same way as you can add add-on shortcuts to your homescreen.

Personally I have a couple of Android shortcuts on one of my Android device Kodi homescreen: ES File Explorer and Advanced Settings.

This allows me quick and easy access for when I need quick access to ES File Explorer to find a certain file or Advanced Settings so I can quickly enable/disable a VPN. There are many other practical uses of course.

The skin I am using for this setup is Confluence++ Helix by elmerohueso. I am using this as the skin has an Android Apps link built into the home menu. You should be able to do this with any skin that supports adding favourites as a shortcut. This guide is obviously just to show you how it is done. It won't work on all skins. Use the download link above to download the skin and give it a try.

  • Open Android Apps - To get to your Android apps on other skins you need to select PROGRAMS > Android Apps (if you go directly into your PROGRAMS press the two dots at the top to take you back a screen)
  • Highlight an Android app but do not select it
  • Bring up the Context Menu (Press C, Right Click or Long Press if on a touch screen)
  • Select Add to Favourites
  • Go back to your Homescreen
  • Select SYSTEM
  • Select Appearance
  • Select Skin > Settings
  • Select Add-On Shortcuts
  • Select Home Page Android Apps Sub-Menu > Shortcut 1
  • Select Favourites
  • Select any Android app that you have favourited and want on your homescreen
  • You will now see your Android app listed as a shortcut
  • Go back to your homescreen and the link to the app will be underneath the section of the menu you selected

As I say this is done with the Confluence++ Helix skin. This will not work - or didn't for me anyway - on the default Confluence skin. It will work with other customisable skins that support adding shortcuts and adding favourites as shortcuts. I have only just tried this so have not done any other skins so can't really comment on other skins. It will probably be slightly different but still as easy to do.