Droid Automation for Android Devices

Droid Automation by XDA member wakdev is an app that allows you to perform and automate repetitive actions and tasks on your Android device.

It is very easy to use - create profiles, add tasks and select your triggers. That is all there is to it.

Well, not quite. There is a huge number of automation options available in this app but some of the options are only available with a rooted device and others require the PRO version. But there are still plenty to play around with before deciding whether to upgrade to the PRO version.

Once installed and a profile is created there are two options where you will be making the choices of what you want automate - Tasks & Triggers.

Choose a Trigger:

Choose a Task:

The triggers are self explanatory. When your Android device enters any of the given states this will trigger a task that you have selected.

You can choose from a comprehensive list of tasks, but as previously mentioned you may need to be on a rooted device or have the PRO version for some to work. But the tasks available to non-rooted and non-PRO devices will still mean you have a lot of options available.

Here is a list tasks that are available to devices that aren't rooted and don't have the PRO:

  • Networks
    • Enable/Disable Wifi
    • Enable/Disable Bluetooth
    • Enable/Disable Mobile Data
    • Connect to a Bluetooth Device
    • Enable/Disable Wifi Hotspot
  • Sound & Media
    • Set Volume (media, ringtone, notifications etc.)
  • Display
    • Toggle Brightness Mode
    • Set Brightness
    • Set Display Sleep Timeout
    • Auto-Rotate
    • Enable/Disable Notification Light
  • Configuration
    • Change Sound Profile
    • Set Alarm
    • Enable/Disable Car Mode
    • Set Timer
    • Select input Method
  • Other
    • Launch Application
    • Launch URL
    • Run Tools
    • Dial Number
    • Make a Phone Call
    • Compose SMS
    • Send SMS
    • Compose Email
    • Open Geolocation
    • Open Address
    • Run Tasker
    • Text to Speech
    • Event Pop-up
    • Expand Notification Bar
    • Uninstall Apps

As you can see for a free version on a non-rooted device you have plenty to play around with and the app is definitely worth playing around with. The interface and setup is a lot easier to use than Tasker - I know it can't do as much as Tasker but these are the sort of tasks a novice Tasker user might try to setup (it was when I first started with Tasker).

The PRO app, which I am a bit unsure as to how to upgrade to - I think it is in the 'about' section under 'Buy me a coffee' offers a whole host of other features but I will leave those for you to discover yourself.

Download from the Play Store
Follow the thread on XDA

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