Source (Beta) News App for Android

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Source is a new News app by Jacob Klinker. This is a very new app and still in beta. This means you may find bugs and the only current news sources available are the lists in your Twitter account and a default Twitter list source. Google+, RSS & Feedly integration are planned for future releases.

It has a nice and simple user interface that most will like.

Settings allow you to:

  • Choose theme colour
  • Add accounts from different news sources
  • Change sync rate
  • Set to sync only on WiFi
  • Turn on notifications
  • Show only unread articles
  • Change font size

What I like about this app is the way that if a Tweet has a link in it then the article will open right up under the Tweet, you are not taken to an external app. This great feature will make it a one-stop-app for all your daily news and updates. Here's a screenshot of a tweet by Android Police which had a link in.

As I say it is in beta so there isn't much you can add at the moment apart from your Twitter lists, but it does have fantastic potential. The dev says that when it is officially released there will be in-app purchases. There is no mention of what these will be though.

To get the app you must be a member of the Source Google Community and opt in for the beta before you can download it (link below).

Join the Source G+ Community. From there you can become a beta tester and get the app.

Via Android Police