Search Google Drive from Chrome OmniBox

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If you use Google Drive regularly and have lots of different documents, images and other files then you may find it a bit hard to find certain documents.

Using the following tips you will will be able to easily search for various types of docs & files that you have saved in your Google Drive account right from your Chrome omnibox. You will be able to search for:

  • Documents
  • Images
  • Links
  • PDFs
  • Private Documents
  • Public Documents
  • SpreadSheets

The search URLs you create will narrow down your searches making it easier to find specific documents.

To enable Chrome to allow you to search through your Google Drive account we will be creating a 'Search Engine' for each of the above in your Chrome settings.

Once you have created a search engine for each of the searches you need to assign a keyword which you type into the Chrome omnibox and then you hit tab and your omnibox will look something like the this

The first part of the setup is always the same; creating a search engine. To do so...

  • Open Chrome preferences (CMD+,)

  • Scroll down and click on 'Manage Search Engines...'

  • Scroll down in window that opens and add necessary details in each of the empty fields

For each of the searches we will be entering 3 pieces of information: Name of Search Engine; Keyword to Launch Search Engine; URL to Launch on Keyword. I will list all 3 entries in order for each of the searches we are going to create. The first two entries you can put anything you wish.

I think I should point out that you should choose your keyword wisely. You want something easy to remember and the omnibox autocomplete may mean that when you hit tab the search function won't immediately be ready for you to use.

Search All Google Drive Files


Search Drive for Documents Only

Drive Documents
gddoc %s

Search Drive for Images Only

Drive Images
gdimages %s

Not working need to change for new Google Drive

Search Drive for Documents Containing Link with Keyword

Drive Links
gdlinks %s

Search Drive for PDFs Only

Drive PDF
gdpdf %s

Search Drive for Documents Marked Private

I am unsure with this one since the new Google Drive update. What this is actually searching for is files owned by you.

Drive Private
gdpriv %s

Search Drive for Documents Marked Public

As with the search above I am unsure of this one too. This one is actually searching for files that are not owned by you.

Drive Public
gdpub %s

Search Drive for SpreadSheets

Drive SpreadSheets
gdspread %s

Hopefully you will find these a big help, I certainly do. You don't need to add them all, if you just find a couple relevant then only add those.

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