Now New Tab Extension for Chrome

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Now - New Tab is an extension for Chrome that brings a bit of Google Now to your new tab page (NTP).

There have been other extensions that have tried this and done a pretty good job but this one seems to have done a little extra maiking it, possibly, the best availabe at the moment.

As with the current NTP you have the searchbar front and centre, though this is something I find unnecessary as I always search from the omnibox.

Then you have access to a nice selection of Google related stuff that will be very handy for most people on a regular basis.

Current features include:

  • Details of new mail in Gmail
  • Details of calendar events
  • Current location weather details
  • Shortcuts to your top sites
  • Shortcuts to recently closed tabs
  • Shortcuts to your apps
  • Shortcuts to your extensions
  • Easy access to settings
  • Easy access to downloads

The dev is looking at adding alarms and background notifications.

You can rearrange the layout of the NTP to suit your liking. It is definitely something worth looking at if you are looking for something new for your Chrome NTP and want to add a bit of functionality to the page.

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