MiXplorer for Android

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MiXplorer is a file manager app for Android by Hootan Parsa on XDA.

This app is a mix of various explorers (SD, FTP, LAN, Cloud and other storage explorers). The version that I link to on this page is a free version but is only available through the XDA labs so you must sign in with your XDA account to download it.

Features for MiXplorer are:

  • Themeable with customisation options allowing you to select any colour you like
  • Sort, disable and enable all menu options and action buttons
  • Unlimited Tabbed browsing and Dual panel in landscape mode and Drag and Drop between panels also supported
  • Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move, ... operations.
  • Different View Modes and Sorting Options for each folder
  • Customisable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorised
  • Advanced search functions
  • Custom USB OTG driver. FAT32 (R/W), exFat(R/W), NTFS (R)
  • HTML viewer which supports MHT, Markdown, AXml, CHM, MAFF
  • eBook reader which supports PDF, Epub
  • Export/Import all preferences and bookmarks and customised skins
  • Extract and create 7z and Zip/Zip64 (splitted-encrypted), TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, GZIP, BZIP2, XZ, WIM, Lizard, LZ4, LZ5, Zstandard
  • Extract RAR/RAR5 (splitted-encrypted), XZ, APM, CAB, ISO, ARJ, AR, LZH, LHA, CHM, MSI, WIM, Z, CPIO, RPM, DEB, NSIS, LZMA, NTFS, FAT, VHD, MBR, SWM, MSLZ, CramFS, Dmg, ELF, MachO, Mub, PE, Split, Xar, Z, Udf, HFS, SquashFS, PPMD
  • All your cloud storage needs accessible from one single app. Choose from 19 providers:
    • Amazon Cloud drive, Mega.co.nz, Mail.ru, Dropbox, Box, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu, Mediafire, Kuaipan, Kanbox, IDrive, Hubic, 4Sync, Google Drive, Meo, OneDrive, pCloud, SugarSync, VDisk
  • clouds which support webdav like (Yandex.ru, OwnCloud, MyDrive.ch, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe, ...)
  • Modify zip files
  • Root access for all advanced operations
  • User and System app management with data backup ability for rooted devices
  • EncFS volumes supported for all storages
  • File encryption and decryption using Aescrypt file format
  • FTP/HTTP Server built in + TCP server to receive files from other devices using MiX (Send-to option)
  • Built-in Image Viewer (it supports GIF animation and large images)
  • Built-in Media Player + VLC codecs add-on
  • Powerful Text Editor
  • SAMBA, FTP, SFTP, WEBDAV supported as well

Download from XDA Labs