Lazy Swipe for Android by Zhao Chen is an app that allows you to quickly access your recent apps, most used apps and a toolbox.

Once installed you simply need to swipe from the bottom left or right corner to launch the app and have access to the available tools. It is very similar to Pie Controls that we have on Android.

The toolbox contains quick access to your bluetooth, camera, brightness, GPS, airplane mode, flashlight, sound, wi-fi and booster (this frees up used RAM).

This is a really nice looking app and seems to work well. There is a whitelist function which you can access via the settings button which appears in the bottom corner when you swipe to launch the app. When you add apps to this whitelist they will not close when you hit the booster button to free up RAM. You can also set the app to launch from any screen, from the home screen and in non-full screen apps or home screen only.

The sits hidden until you swipe. There are no indications that the app is on your screen which is good as similar apps can often have some kind of visual clue to where they are and somethimes that doesn't look nice on a screen.

Download from the PlayStore