How to Index New Content in Google Instantly

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Some sites are lucky enough to have a huge number of followers and inbound links (IBLs) which means as soon as they publish content their site is being shared and crawled so their content is more than likely instantly indexed by Google.

Most of us aren't fortunate enough to be in that position, so I thought I would share how I quickly index content in Google.

To do so I will have everything setup ready just so I can take screeshots quickly and not slow the process down too much.


How it's done:

  • Create your post and publish it
  • Create a new sitemap
  • Upload sitemap to your site
  • Open Google+ and share link to new post with Public
  • Open Google Webmaster Tools and go to Sitemaps which is located in the Crawl section of your Webmasters Dashboard
  • Select Sitemap
  • Resubmit Sitemap
  • If you do not already have a sitemap setup in Google Webmaster Tools then you will need to submit first.
  • Open Fetch as Google also in Crawl section of Webmasters Dashboard
  • Add new URL to Fetch box
  • Select Fetch
  • Select Submit to Index which will appear next to new URL just below the Fetch box
  • Select URL in new window
  • Select OK
  • Open Google
  • Search for your page title within quotes

As you can see my post was indexed immediately. You only really need Fetch as Google, but for an extra few seconds you might as well do it all so your post has been submitted to your followers and your sitemap is up-to-date. The post says 3 minutes but that was because of me doing screenshots all the way. If I wasn't doing that it would have been seconds. The Google+ post also appears but that is because of personal results showing. Personal results are a great reason for choosing Google+ as your choice of social media as your G+ posts appear in your followers SERPs for various search queries and can bring extra traffic to your site.

I searched for the page title in quotes as I wanted to do an exact match search as it is quicker to find a post to make sure it is indexed. You could also do a site search for the new posts URL. Which would look like this if I was searching for the post I have just done

So there you have it. A quick an easy way to get your content indexed on Google. If you do a search for Index New Content in Google in Seconds you will see that I am #1 on Google for that phrase now (hopefully not changed too many positions by the time some people read this). Granted, if the post was for a more generic or high volume search term then my page wouldn't have ranked so high, but this shows what is possible in a couple of minutes.

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