Import Supervised Users Chrome

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In the latest version of Chrome Canary (34.0.1821.0) we are now able to 'Import Supervised Users'.

A supervised user is a special type of Chrome user who is allowed to browse the web with supervision. As their 'supervisor' you can block their access to certain sites, enable safe search and view all their web activity. Supervised users can make requests to view sites and must wait for your permission to view them. These type of users do not require a Google account.

You create supervised users in your Chrome settings (chrome://settings) using the normal 'Add New User...' & then select 'This is a supervised user managed by...'

You can view all your supervised users at

To import the supervised users you go to your Chrome settings, select 'Add New User...' and select 'Import an Exisiting Supervised User'

This will open the following window from where you can choose which supervised user to import.

This has been added to Chrome Sync (chrome://sync/) where you can now see Managed Users & Managed Users Shared Settings.

Thanks François Beaufort

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