How to Install and Setup Twitter Feeds for Kodi

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Twitter Feeds is an add-on for Kodi which, obviously, allows you to see Tweets containing any hashtag you wish or Tweets from any user you wish. Instructions on how to use it are available from within the app but I will explain the basics of it later in this post.

The app is available from the Kodi library so no need to download or install any other repo's or add-ons.

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  • Open Kodi
  • Select SYSTEM

  • Select Add-Ons

  • Select Get Add-Ons or Install from Repository (on Isengard)

  • Select Kodi Add-On Repository

  • Select Services

  • Select Twitter Feeds

  • Select Install

  • Wait for Add-on enabled notification

  • Right click on Twitter feeds or press the C button your keyboard to bring up the context menu
  • Select Configure

Twitter Feeds is now installed and in the configure window we can enable/disable the add-on, enter the hashtags or user Tweets you want to see, how long to display each tweet, how long to wait before grabbing a new tweet and the tweet language.

Enable/Disable tweets

In the Search String section you can choose the hashtags or followers by simply adding #kodi or whatever tag you want. By default the add-on only searches for tweets containing EVERY hashtag you add in this section so if you are adding a few then you must add 'or' in between each tag. To view tweets from a user you need to use the following from:"XBMC" you can also follow mentions by adding Twitter user names e.g. @mijodav would show me tweets where I am mentioned. Finally you can also use near:"" so add near:"Manchester, UK" and you will see tweets from users close to that area.

The changing of seconds between each tweet and seconds to wait before fetching a new tweet can be changed to anything between 1-100.

You can set a hotkey to open the Twitter dialogue box from any screen. This makes it handy to change as you can change your search scope in the middle of a programme or live match to see what people are saying in real time without having to look away from the screen and grab a mobile device.

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