How to Fix Play Store Error 24

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If you have landed on this page then there is a good chance you have tried installing an app from the Play Store and had the following error message

Unknown Error Code During Application Install: "-24"

This is usually seen after you have flashed a new ROM and are trying to reinstall an app you had previously on your device but the data hasn't been wiped correctly or there was a incomplete uninstallation which caused an apk corruption.

When this happens there is data left on your device from when it was previously installed and when the Play Store tries to install the app again it sees the data and doesn't know what to do and gives you the error.

To fix this you will need a rooted device which you most probably will have if you are seeing this error. This fix means you will lose all the saved data you have for this app.

You will also need a file explorer with root access such as ES File Explorer.

  • Open your File Explorer
  • Navigate to /data/data
  • Look for the name of the package you are trying to install.
  • If you do not know the name of the package you are trying to install then do a search for it on the Play Store and the package name comes right at the end of the url

  • Select the folder and delete it completely
  • Reboot your device and try to install from the Play Store again. The app should now install without any issues.

Thanks Quinny899