How to Add Icon Shortcuts to Main Menu CCM Helix Kodi

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This guide will show you how you can add icon shortcuts to main menu ccm helix kodi

  • Select SYSTEM > Skin Settings
  • Select Add-On Shortcuts
    This is where you decide what add-on shortcuts you want to add. You can create 12 different groups using anything from 1 to 7 add-ons for each group. You can also name each group so they are easier to recognise when it comes to adding them to your home screen.

In this example I will name the section UK Live TV and in there I will add the BBC iPlayer add-on as an example.

  • Select User Friendly Name

  • Give your section a name - for the example it is UK Live TV but you can use anything
    You would now start adding the add-ons you want in this section

  • Select Add-on 1
    You can now choose from the options that appear in the sidebar that opens. The choices are self explanatory so I won't give details on what each option offers.

  • Select Video Add-Ons
    You can then select any add-on you wish to add to this group. This example will use the BBC iPlayer

  • Rename the add-on here if you wish. When finished select Done
    The group now has one add-on. If you wanted to add more you would click on add-on 2,3,4 etc. and just repeat the process above

  • To add to the main menu we now need to select Home Menu Items

  • Find a section in your main menu that corresponds with the add-on group you are adding e.g. If using Music add-ons select Music section

  • Select Add-On Set. Choosing this allows you to choose which group of add-ons you created is added to the chosen section

  • Select the group you have created from the sidebar. In this example I created UK Live TV, naming them sensibly makes it easier to find your groups when it comes to this step
    You can now see that in my TV section the add-on set that will be used is my UK Live TV group
    That is the basic guide finished. If you go back to your home screen you will have the add-on group you created underneath the section you chose. For me the UK Live TV group (only containing the iPlayer) is under my TV section

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