Floatify Floating Notification Center for Android

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Floatify for Android is an app which shows interactive and customisable popup, stacked notifications on your device.

It works on devices running Android 4.3+, rooted device not required.

Floatify for Android

You can interact with incoming notifications: expand notification, open notification, dismiss notification, set reminder for notification, open app in xHalo if you have it installed.

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Current Features:

  • Notification popups on all apps.
  • Auto action on notification
  • Auto action after unlocking
  • Auto action on lockscreen
  • Stacked notifications
  • Expand notifications to full size
  • Smart blacklist
  • Lockscreen preview
  • Wake on notification
  • Icon pack support (Nova, Go, ADW,..)
  • Low battery consumption
  • Fast and fluid handling
  • Easy configuration
  • Backup & Restore settings


  • Choose from style presets or customise as you like.
  • Change popup size, position, colour, animation, opacity
  • Change item color, divider, spacing, animations..
  • Change icon background, size, contact picture..
  • Change text colour, max lines, size, bold..

The phones notifications can be dismissed from the lockscreen and the phone can be set to wake when a notification arrives.

There is a feature called 'Notify on Unlock' which allows you to see all outstanding notifications the moment you unlock your phone.

Smart blacklist allows you to block notifications when you are browsing or playing games and then show notifications the minute you leave the game or app.

You can also add Floatify actions to your homescreen or start them directly from other apps which means you can cance, open or expand notifications with a simple touch.

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