Flashlight - The Missing Spotlight Plugin for OS X

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Flashlight is an OS X app by nate-parrott. It allows you to add plugins to Spotlight so you can improve on the overall experience.

Flashlight is an unofficial Spotlight API that allows you to programmatically process queries and add additional results.

The current plugins available are:

  • Terminal - Run Terminal commands from Spotlight. If you have a Finder window open then the commands are run in the current directory
  • Weather - View the weather in Spotlight. Shows a nice animated widget
  • I'm Feeling Lucky - Just as with the Google I'm Feeling Lucky Search you go straight to the first result
  • Pig Latin - Translates any text you input into Pig Latin
  • Say - Speaks any text you input
  • Wolfram Alpha Search - Get results for queries from Wolfram Alpha
  • Web Search - Type a search engine and then add a query e.g. "Google worlds tallest building" or a DuckDuckGo search could be "ddg worlds tallest building"
  • IMDB - Search IMDB

You can choose to enable as many or as few of the searches as you want. The dev does say it is very rough at the moment but it all seems to be working without any problems (maybe he hasn't updated the text since the first release).

Download the latest version from GitHub.

Once downloaded you simply open the app and choose which of the plugins you would like to enable. The plugins will start working immediately once they and the app are enabled.

Visit the website