Echo Notification Lockscreen for Android

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Echo Notification Lockscreen for Android is an app that is designed to simplify and sort your notifications and only send you the notifications that you need to see.

Its current features include:

  • Create Reminders - Set a notification to renotify you at a later time or place. This allows you to set notifications to coincide with your schedule.
  • Categorise Notifications - The app learns from your behaviour how to categorise your notifications so emails, tweets, and updates do not clutter your lockscreen. The more often you open a certain type of notification the more priority it strts to get on your lockscreen.
  • Avoid interruptions - The app will wake your screen to allow easy access to notifications you want to see. It won't wake you for every message just those which it has learnt are a priority.
  • View extended details - The app shows more details for each notification you receive. Unlike widgets like NiLs or DashClock, Echo allows you to view and dismiss individual notifications.

The app is in early development so if you do see any bugs they can be reported to and you can also follow the developer on Twitter:

  • Echo works with launchers like Go Launcher, Aviate, and
  • It requires notification access
  • Works best if you don't use a pin code for your lock screen.
  • Echo is not a theme for Go Locker. It's a complete lock screen experience.