This will work on any Galaxy device running TouchWiz

As an owner of a Galaxy device you will have noticed the rather annoying 'Recommended Apps (Earphones)' section that appears in your notification centre when you plug in a set of headphones.

If you check the apps that your phone 'recommends' you will notice that what you are actually seeing is the last 5 applications you have opened whilst your earphones were plugged in, so the recommendation is pretty much useless and a feature that is not needed.

To disable Recommended Apps notification:

  • Select Settings
  • Select More
  • Select Application Manager
  • Select All
  • Select PageBuddyNotiSvc
  • Uncheck Show Notifications

That's it. You will now no longer see the Recommended Apps notification.

To turn the notification back on simply follow the same process and check Show Notifications rather than uncheck in the final step.

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