Cryptojacking Test for Web Browsers

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Cryptojacking is a way for people to secretly use your computer so they can mine cryptocurreny. This is something that is on the rise and something you should protect yourself against.

There are certain sites out there that hide scripts in their code. If you visit a site with one of these scripts in their code it will then start using your computer's CPU to mine cryptocurrency meaning it will become hot, loud and slow.

The people at Opera (the web browser) have created a site where you can test your web browser to ensure it is protected.

All you need to is visit their site and hit the Start button. The test will then begin and you will see one of 2 messages: Your Protected or You're Not Protected.

What to do if you see Not Protected:

  • Update your Browser - Go into your browser settings and check for an update. Then run the test again. If there are no improvements then consider trying a new browser until yours offers cryptojacking protection
  • Add an extension - Firefox and Chrome offer an extension called No Coin which will offer anti-cryptojacking protection. But there are other no script
  • Use a good AntiVirus - Check with your antivirus provider to see if it can detect and block a cryptojacking attack working through your browser.

Source - Make Tech Easier