Create Events in Google Calendar from Google Search on Desktop

MJD 0 Comments

Following on from the previous post about adding reminders to Google Now based on time or location we can now also create events in Google Calendar direct from a Google search page.

You can input something like the following into Google to create an event which will be created in your Google Calendar account.

Create event {type of event} {date} {time}

It must be done in that order otherwise you may have an issue with the time start and finish being incorrect.

Clicking on the 'Create Event' link will give you a confirmation of the event and time. The event will now have been added to your default calendar on Google Calendar.

If you wish to make any tweaks to the event such as length of event, change calendar, add a video call, publish the event or add a location then you can click on the 'Edit Event' link which will take you the calendar entry.

What I would like to see added to this is the ability to add 'Description' to the end of the event creation string so you could add something to the event.