Chrome Bookmark Manager Extension

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Google have released a new bookmark manager extension for Chrome. If you remember Stars from a good few months back then you will be familiar with the new bookmarks layout. The new UI incorporates Google search and your bookmarks for a better bookmark managing experience.

If you are signed into Chrome and have sync enabled in your Google Chrome account you will benefit from:

One-click save - You can now save an image and a note to your bookmarks which makes it easier to see what you have bookmarked when you are viewing them. Google also creates Auto Folders and suggests folders to place your bookmarks in.

Improved search - You can now easily find a bookmark with Google powered search. This means it will search the page content, title and snippet to ensure you get the exact bookmark you were looking for.

Collect bookmarks by topic - Anything you bookmark will be automatically organised into topics but you can still organise them yourself.

Existing bookmarks will automatically get updated with images and descriptions, wherever possible.

Share - If you have a folder that you wish to share then you can make it public and share the link with anyone you want. Everything else will remain private.

Access your bookmarks anywhere - Bookmarked an article on your phone to finish reading on your laptop? Chrome will continue to sync your bookmarks across all of your devices, just like it does today.

Download from the Chrome App Store.

Via GOS Blog