"Better Open With" app for Android

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Better Open With is a new app for Android devices that is designed to mimic the default "Complete action using" dialogue, providing a visually similar popup screen when you are opening any filetype - it will list all of the possible app handlers.

The difference between this and the default dialogue box is that this popup only appears for a few seconds - 5 seconds by default but you can customise that - in which time you can choose an app to handle your request or leave it to open in your default app making it very handy because sometimes you just don't want to open a file in your default app.

The app can be customised too. Currently available customisations are:

  • Choose between grid and list view
  • Set text size, show only icon (no text) and other options
  • Light or Dark theme

Better Open With is handy if:

  • you switch between browsers, but usually have one preferred app;
  • you prefer using one app to view your PDFs, photos and other files, but sometimes use another app to edit them;
  • you usually want video links to open with a player, but sometimes you want to open them with an app that lets you download the file, and maybe yet another that will Chromecast it;

Download from the Play Store

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