Basic AutoVoice Commands for Google Now Tutorial

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I recently downloaded the AutoVoice (the link goes to the free version but you may want to purchase the paid version) plugin for Tasker as the most recent update brought good Google Now Voice Search integration and I am a big fan of Google Now voice search.

I decided that I would start adding a few tutorials as and when I get used to AutoVoice and the other plugins I purchased (which I will discuss in future posts). Tasker and it's plugins are not the easiest thing to use and sometimes it can be hard to understand what you have to do to get it to work the way you want.

I am going to start with the most basic of commands that you can use as a voice command in Google Now - Toggle Wifi. Once you have this you will then be able to toggle many other Android features including bluetooth, mobile networks, wifi hotspot, location and more.

Another plugin to consider purchasing would be Security Settings which allows you to perform a lot of extra tasks , but again, I will discuss this in future posts.

To toggle wifi from Google Now can be done using the following steps.

  • Open Tasker
  • Select Profiles and Press the + button

  • Select Event

  • Select AutoVoice Recognised

  • Select the Pencil Icon

  • Select Command Filter

  • Type Wifi then Select OK. You can use whatever voice command you want to use to toggle the Wifi in Google Now I chose Wifi as it was easy. Remember this will override a normal voice search so choose wisely.

  • Select the Tick located top right

  • Your configuration screen should look like this. Press your hardware or soft Back Key

  • The task entry option will now open. Select New Task

  • Type Toggle Wifi. Again you can type anything you want here but toggle wifi makes it easy to remember.

  • Select the + button

  • Select Net

  • Select the Dropdown Box which will probably be marked as Off

  • Select Toggle

  • You should now have an action edit screen that looks like this

  • Use your device's hardware or soft keys to completely back out of Tasker and your task is now saved and ready to use in Google Now.

After completing this you simply need to open Google Now and say Wifi (or whatever you chose for your toggle phrase) and the wifi on your mobile device will turn on or off depending on what state it was in before you said you command.

Yes this can be done by using something like Commandr but Commandr is limited to just a few extra commands (currently) - Tasker and the plugins it has available will allow you many more.

As I say this is just a tutorial for the most basic of commands. I will be adding more as I get used to it as I am very new to this myself but look forward to passing on what I can learn.

If you really want more advanced stuff which I can't offer just now then you may want to join these Google+ Communities as they are a great place to learn what you need to become more proficient with Tasker.

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