Backup Your Android Files to Google Drive with GDriveSync

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GDriveSync offers a nice and easy solution for backing up files from your Android device to Google Drive. There are free and paid versions. The paid version removes ads and alows 1-click sync.

Current features include:

  • Sync up folders in 1-click or automatically (PRO version)
  • Multiple sync modes support: two way, upload only, download only
  • Multiple folders can be synchronised
  • Supports multiple storages: internal storage, external SD, system folders synchronisation
  • Automatic sync-up in configurable interval
  • Conflict options to resolve different file version in different places
  • Wifi only option
  • Backup and restore

Setup is very easy:

  • Download GDriveSync.
  • Open App and connect choose the Google Account you wish to sync to.

  • Allow access to your Google Drive

  • Click on the '+' icon located bottom left

  • Select the source folders (the folders you wish to backup. If you choose /storage/emulated/0 then you are going to have a large backup as it will backup everything )

  • Select destination folder (the location on Google Drive you want to backup too. You can create a new folder on Google Drive from within the app.

Once this is setup you can set the app to automatically backup at any given time so even if you forget to backup when you have new files in your source folder the app will backup for you and save the files you want.

I have tried 2 backups and have had no issues whatsoever and I am starting to use Google Drive more and more after moving away from Dropbox so this is a perfect backup solution for me.

A couple of reviews mention that the app took a long time to connect to Google Drive but I did not experience this, in fact, it was pretty much an immediate connection.

Download from the Play Store

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