Add Location or Time Based Reminders to Google Now from Google Search on Desktop

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Google search is always adding new little features and recently they have added the ability to create reminders on your desktop that will be pushed to Google Now on your mobile device at a certain time or location.

You can add a reminder in Google using something like the following:

Add reminder to buy {name of product} at {name of local store}

When you do this a new section will appear at the top of Google allowing you to make edits to the place you wish to get a reminder.

Click on the 'Remind me on Google Now' link and you will get a reminder on your device when you arrive at the set location.

You can also add a reminder based on a time:

Add reminder to {name of task} on {date} at and/or {time}

You can also just put Set Reminder into Google and then fill in the task/reminder date/location.

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