Add Extra Commands to Google Now with Commandr for Android

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The latest update to Commandr has removed the need to say 'Note to Self'.

As good as Google Now is there are some tasks that - for the moment - it cannot carry out. Tasks like turn wifi on/off, turn flashlight on/off, turn gps on/off etc.

With Commandr for Android you can now add commands to carry out these tasks on your device.

Commandr is available for all devices running Android 4.1 and above. A rooted device is not required.

As Google Now has no third party support Commandr listens to the 'Note to Self' interface to carry out commands you have selected. So when you have setup the commands you will have to say

"OK Google, Note To Self" - Followed by the task you wish to carry out.

It is very easy to use with minimal setup. There is a list of built in commands currently available with the option to vote for new commands and it also offers Tasker integration.

Command List (at time of writing):

  • Turn On/Off Wifi
  • Turn On/Off Bluetooth
  • Turn On/Off GPS (for some phones)
  • Pause Music
  • Resume Music
  • Next Song
  • Previous Song
  • note (adds to note-taking app)
  • Any Tasker command you can dream of!

Coming Soon (vote for priority in-app):

  • Wolfram Alpha Integration
  • Read Aloud Unread Gmail
  • Turn On/Off Wifi Hotspot
  • Launch Navigation with Waze
  • Turn On/Off NFC

You can edit the built in task commands. I changed 'Turn on Wifi' to 'Wifi on' and it worked ok so I imagine you could have some fun with making your own commands.

Download from the Play Store
XDA Thread