Access Android Widgets from Any Screen with Flippr

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Flippr by XDA user sreenisatish allows quick and easy access to your Android widgets no matter what screen you are currently using on your device.

You can check the weather when you are playing your favourite game, check stocks portfolio when watching videos, check your Twitter account whilst waiting for a level to load in a fullscreen game.

Flippr uses a small bubble which is inspired by Halo from PA ROMs that you can interact with. It resides above all other apps. You can touch the bubble and move your finger horizontally to switch widgets in smooth transitions. You are able to organise your widgets into groups (Social, Media, Notes). Touch the bubble and move your finger vertically to switch groups.


  • Organise widgets into groups for easy access or put all your widgets in one group - your choice.
  • Works over any app or even full screen games.
  • Widget peek - quickly view your widgets with a touch. Raise to hide.
  • Option to hide widget on interaction - change option in Preferences. Option available on a per widget basis in PRO.
  • Super smooth customisable animations
  • Customise bubble size, position, side and more.
  • Widget navigation indicators
  • Customise widget size (row/column span) and background colour.
  • Very light APK - below 1MB

Download free version from Google Play
Download PRO version from Google Play